Licensing & Image Use Inquiries

Image Use Inquiries –  Lynette welcomes all inquiries – please use the form below.

All inquiries seeking permission for the use of Lynette’s artwork are most welcome. Lynette’s work is at times available under license for projects – there is a fee for licensing and image use. Please use the form below. Lynette has supported some charity organisations by allowing them permission to use her artwork for special projects or educational purposes, but you do need to seek and gain permission.

Please be aware if you use my images/artwork without permission you will be required to pay a licensing fee.

It is always better to ask than take.

Due to the increase in requests by businesses to use Lynette’s images in their ventures for free or for exposure, there is a need to state that if you are a commercial venture please be aware that there is a fee for the use of her artwork.

Requesting Permission

Disclosure is required, if applicable, of any affiliations to any other organisations the requesting person may have. Lynette’s artwork should not be used to promote organisations that have or have had, links to other organisations with a social/political agenda whose views Lynette does not support. Any use of my artwork by an organisation or individual without Lynette’s permission or undisclosed to her should not be seen as supportive of them, nor of any or all views expressed within that organisation.