1. Seaside Wildflowers – The Development of a new Fine Art Linocut

2. Blue Mountains Wildflowers Fine Art Linocut – A Step back in Time

3. Waratah Tryptich – A Fine Art Linocut


1. Designing linocuts…inside the process…

2. Designing a linocut – the process of one design – Part 1

3. Designing a linocut – the process of one design – Part 2

4. Designing a linocut – the process of one design – Part 3

5. Designing a new linocut…and the use of photocopies and computers…

6. The Designing Process – New Zealand Wildflowers

7. Designing Linocuts – Design Process for Tasmanian Christmas Bells

8. Designing – Redesigning and ‘Re-tweeking’ Linocut Designs

9. Designing for a Commercial Commission – Part 1

10. Designing for a Commercial Commission – Part 2 – handcolouring

11. Designing for a Commercial Commission – Part 3 – Final Design


1. Artists Linoleum – Lino for Linocuts…Linoprints

2. Artists Lino and Linocut design…Thinking outside the square.

3. Lino carving methods – carving tools and blades

4. Keepin’ them sharp – Linocut blades

5. Carving Linoblocks – Carving Boards – Safety tips

6. Warning!! Remember to always carve your design in reverse!!

7. Transferring the design from paper to lino

8. Linocut carving and 1970′s food warmers…

9. Turning the Table – Drawing and Carving

10. Process and stages of carving a linoblock – putting it together

11. Carving approaches for linocuts…linoprints

12. Carving a Linoblock…’Regeneration’ – Complex Waratah Design

13. Complex Fine Carving – Regeneration – Waratahs

14. The Final Carving and Proofing – Regeneration Waratahs

15. Carving – some of my lino carving methods No.1

16. Carving – some of my lino carving methods No. 2

17. Carving – some of my lino carving methods

18. Linocuts…in the studio today…

19. Linocut Carving – New Zealand Wildflowers

20. On the carving table…

21. oops…Australian Floral Emblems…less one – suggestions for helping fix mistakes in lino carving….

22. Linocut carving and re-carving – Banksia coccinea

23. Design using multiple linocuts…Tawny Frogmouth Expressions Linocuts


1. Preparing a Linocut Block for printing

2. Printing a linoblock…how to start…

3. Printing Linocuts…some common problems…

4. The Final Carving and Proofing – Regeneration Waratahs


1. Handcolouring Linocuts – Tawny Expressions – first hand coloured drafts

2. Handpainting – handcolouring – Practicing & Experimenting – ‘Old Man Banksia’

3. From linocut design to handcolouring – four new prints

4. Handcolouring testing – ‘Regeneration’ – Waratahs Linocut Part 1

5. Handcolouring testing – ‘Regeneration’ – Waratahs Linocut Part 2

6. What a difference a background colour can make – Emu Linocut

7. Oil based ink for printing & watercolours for handpainting Linocuts


1. Framing Decisions – what a difference a frame makes…


1. Developing Systems to keep things filed and ordered

2. Filing … Paper and Digital Photo Database

3. Studio Spaces – Print Studio and Working Studio

2 thoughts on “LINOCUT TUTORIALS

  1. i am doing an edition of a simple two block linocut. I am unsure wether i should make the fabriano paper damp before printing? Would the paper stretch while wet when printing 1st block,then dry. then when i print 2nd block should I rewet paper. I will be using oil based inks and a press.
    thank you for a brilliantly informative website and I will certainly take lots of advice from your tutorials.. Carol

    1. Hi Carol, Sorry for the late reply I missed your comment earlier 😦 I usually print one colour with oil based ink & never wet the paper. I know for other methods which use water based inks & washes in layered multiblock or reduction blocks they do dampen the paper. Sherie York’s blog you’ll find a wealth of information on this different form of linocuts 🙂
      kind regards

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