Developing Systems to keep things filed and ordered

Systems can be very useful – not the kind of obsessive ones but just relevant and ordered so you can at least find what you are looking for – well mostly….

Every so often I re-order my studios – I do have a tendency to just put things in the general space or direction of where they should be so need to come back and sort them out every so often – this includes CD’s and books.


I have taken the time to clean out all the saved pieces of paper of interest that I have taken out of various magazines – from recipes to gardening – and shredded all the unwanted pieces. I have refiled them and labeled them – so what was an open shelf of chaos is now neatly ordered.

Where I need to be more vigilant is with my photographic images – digital and processed.

I have hundreds of filed photos for reference for my work in photo boxes and a database of images that I use to find what I need.

Basically I have filed the photos in alphabetical latin names for the flora and common names for the fauna. I have then made a database file in excel where I have cross-referenced latin and common names. This makes it so much easier – especially when my tired brain can only remember the alternate filed latin or common name and refuses to recall it as I have it filed!!

Copyright – Lynette Weir

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