Framing Decisions – what a difference a frame makes…

After completing the linocut then the framing decision had to be made. This is always a tricky and very subjective issue. People can get very ‘iffy’ about what frames are used and what one person likes another doesn’t. I must say I don’t think I have always chosen the ‘right’ frame, so now I have taken a much more simple approach to frames.

I always have my work framed by a professional framer – he does great work, knows how to place the work within in a frame for archival purposes and best of all he can measure down to the millimetre cut in straight lines – something I have great difficulty with! So I think it is well worth paying a framer particularly if you are selling your work. Either that or learn how to do it professionally yourself.

Framing also seems to go in ‘fads’ from large ornate timber to gold frames to timber etc. Sometimes I toss my hands in the air wondering – and always someone has a better suggestion for framing!

I always ask the person if I am framing a work for someone, and try to email them a basic ‘mock up’ digital image to give them some idea.

Tasmanian Christmas Bells

I did this with this work – the choice was a simple black frame or a timber one – both are Australian sustainable plantation timber.


The final decision is for me ultimately the client’s if they have ordered the print unless it is pre-framed.

Old Man Banksia – and the Design Art Series

I have just had a design I finished last year framed – Banksia serrata and Seedpod or ‘Old Man Banksia’.

The ‘story’ of this particular design began here, then progressed through Designing a linocut – the process of one design – Part 1, Designing a linocut – the process of one design – Part 2, Designing a linocut – the process of one design – Part 3, the finished design and now this – a framed version.

Regeneration – Waratahs

A simply carved frame – I have also used this for the New Zealand Wildflowers as well.

New Zealand Wildflowers

A simple black frame

Richmond Birdwing Butterfly


Waratahs and Flannel Flowers

Waratah & Eucalyptus cassea


Celtic Collection – Scotland, Australian & Ireland Wildflowers

Fauna Illustration – New Zealand Falcon

Copyright – Lynette Weir

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