Carving – some of my lino carving methods No. 2

This design is Australian Rainforest Wildflowers. The first image of this in is the one from Carving – some of my lino carving methods No.1 showing the outlines of the spaces I wish to carve out ie. the areas I wish to be white in the black and white print and later handcoloured with watercolours. I have adjusted the colours a little to give a clearer image of the carving.

This second image of the linoblock carving next stage showing where I have used a wider blade to scoop out as deeply as I can (ie. as close to the backing hessian as I can). I have then used the next narrowest blade to come back again and carve closely to the edges of each areas cut out. The final carving I am starting now involves using the finest blade to clean up all the edges and lines to give the cleanest neatest edge for printing.

Copyright – Lynette Weir

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