Linocuts…in the studio today…

Today I have been working on the fourth of a series of about 12 linocuts.

This is a brown lino – not sure of its name – it carves easily but it can crumble more around the edges which can be frustrating. I had always used the grey silkcut lino but they kept changing the ‘formula’ over past years and I was very unhappy with it.

However, I used the latest ‘back to grey again’ silkcut for the New Zealand Wildflowers and was very happy with it again. Hopefully they’ll stick with this current formula!

I usually buy the lino in 1 metre lengths as it is certainly the most economical. The only downside is that if left for long periods there is a natural loss linseed oil used within the lino which can cause it to get really hard and for me with my RSI issues un-carvable.

One of the things I really like about the way I work is that I can navigate from the different processes or stages of several designs at once. This allows me to continue to work to work to better manage issues with RSI – and keeps you thinking!

I had finished carving the other 3 in previous weeks…


Copyright – Lynette Weir

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