Transferring the design from paper to lino

The image on the right shows how I transfer my designs I have worked out on paper onto the linoblock.

After I have finished developing the design and inked it in as a black and white design I then used the old-time honoured tradition of…tracing the design onto greaseproof paper (non waxed) with a 2B/3B pencil, attached it face down on to lino on the back with masking tape over the wrapped edges, rubbing hard with a HB pencil over the penciled design, removing the paper and TA-DA!! Magic!!

Well at least when we were kids it seemed like magic…

Others use carbon paper etc but you need to remember to reverse the design…my method automatically transfers it in reverse by simply turning the paper over to transfer the graphite onto the block.

Other linocut artists draw directly onto the block without making a paper design, there can be an immediacy to this style but given my pedantic nature with my wildflowers, wildlife and artwork I like to have it all worked out beforehand.

Copyright – Lynette Weir

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