Turning the Table – Drawing and Carving

I thought I would show the table I use for drawing, carving and painting my designs. It is based around a tapestry stand idea but is a lot sturdier and has a flat drawing board with an edge around it where you can sit your paper or lino.

The first stages of the carving of the linocut Old Man Banksia – Banksia serrata – design carving. On the right are the outlines – made with the No 1 blade.The areas inside that I want to print as white I have started to roughly carve out. It is also a bit challenging to place all those veins in from the perspective of carving with lino that can be soft and pliable and therefore easily chipped out where you don’t want it chipped out. So slow and steady is the best way to go especially as there is a lot of detail and fine carved lines and spaces!


My dad made me this one about 28 years ago when I was doing art for my HSC.

I have renewed the drawing board top once and that’s about it in all that time.

As you can see I can tip the table to adjust the angle I am working on and hold it in place by tightening the wing nuts on the large bolt that goes through the side stand and board. The image below shows the side view indicating the holes in the stand and board to raise and lower the height of board as needed. I can also have the drawing board horizontal or vertical depending on what I am working on. I use a comfortable office chair to sit on so that I can also raise and lower the height of the chair.

Copyright – Lynette Weir


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