Designing for a Commercial Commission – Part 3 – Final Design

This is the final result from the Drink Coaster I was commissioned to design using Australian Floral Emblems for the Hanna Group.

The coasters have been produced and are now available!!

This is the design – the design brief from the client was to include all the Australian State and Territory floral emblems featured or surrounded by the Australian floral emblem – the golden wattle (Acacia pycnantha).

The other part of the brief was that there was no real ‘up’ and so the coaster can be swung around in a circle to reveal each of the emblems.

It was a more rushed job than I would usually take to design with only 2 weeks from start to sending the final print to them. Looking at it I would usually take some time to ‘live’ with the design and tweak it over a few weeks at least until I was really happy with the final result. Unfortunately I didn.t have this luxury which is the downside of this type of commission work.

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