Tutorials – Art Bytes from Lynette Weir’s Studio Practice


Linocuts, design, drawing & illustrations by Australian Artist – Lynette Weir

These ‘tutorials’ are an insight into the working methods of Australian Artist – Lynette Weir.

All images, tutorial content on this site unless specified otherwise, are copyright to Lynette Weir and cannot be used without permission.

This tutorial site is a compilation of posts I have made to my Studio Diary – Soulsong Art. They are not a definitive way of producing a linocut or drawing. They are simply a guide based around my own working methods.

I have posted the tutorials here in an order that hopefully will make it easier for you to find information about linocuts or drawing.

Although a largely static site I will be posting additional tutorials and updates from time to time.

So if you want to keep up with these updates please follow this blog or any of my other links – SoulsongSoulsong Art, Lynette Weir

The linocut tutorials here are based on my own working methods. Artists/printmakers all work differently – some may work in a similar way to myself and others completely different. So the tutorials contained here should be seen within this context and as a guide to working or just as an example how one artist works.

All information is a guide only and is based on Lynette Weir’s own arts practice with Linocuts and Drawing – individuals should take their own due care in working with these and other artistic endeavours and mediums.

I would encourage everyone to take a look at how I work but develop your own style and way of working.

Copyright – Lynette Weir

2 thoughts on “Tutorials – Art Bytes from Lynette Weir’s Studio Practice

  1. Hi Lynette. I am doing cert 1 in visual arts at TAFE. We are doing lino prints this term. As part of our homework this week we had to research artists and styles that interest us. I found your work and funnily enough we are the same age and grew up in the same area. I grew up at Engadine. Your photos and descriptions of your childhood made me laugh as that is what I did.
    the lino print I am doing at the moment is also of a photo I took.
    thank you for your inspiration

    1. Hi Sharon, I know Engadine well – went to Engadine High a very long time ago LOL
      So pleased TAFE is still introducing printmaking & linocuts within their courses.
      Despite the media reputation and ‘that’ show Loftus/Engadine was a great place to grow up & I still have strong memories & relationships with childhood friends.

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