From linocut design to handcolouring – four new prints

Four examples of original plant/image to final design after designing, carving, printing and finally handcolouring.

There are two of a new series of smaller 15cm x 15cm designs,

This first one is Eucalyptus caesia – also known as ‘Silver Princess’.


The second one is a Waratah – Telopea speciocissima.


The third is a Coastal Tea Tree – Leptospermum laevigatum

Art Deco Series – image size – 8cm x 22cm


Finally some flying foxes – the Grey headed Flying Fox – in amongst some Grevillea robusta – I am looking forward to painting this one in particular.

This design is quite complex to hand-colour – still not sure it is right. I am still struggling along with the final handcolouring of this print – like the image & colours but still trying to fiddle with some of the tonal variations and colour mixing in the print the image is getting a bit ‘lost’…so not quite finished. But in the case of this design I will put it away for a while and then come back to do the final handcolouring.

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