Handcolouring testing – ‘Regeneration’ – Waratahs Linocut Part 1

Once I have printed a number of ‘proofs’ or the whole edition with extras as ‘proofs’, I can then set about experimenting with handcolouring techniques and colours until I decide on the final result I want to achieve.

Often I will do a number of different ideas and then leave them pinned to the wall for a while before making a final decision.

For the ‘Regeneration’ design there were some major decisions to make with colour and not just blending colours.

Here are 3 colour samples of this particular ‘Regeneration’ – waratahs design.

Waratahs Watercolour 1 – has pale green outside leaves

Waratahs Watercolour 2 – has deeper sepia type colours

Waratahs Watercolour 3 – has pale sepia colours.

Copyright – Lynette Weir

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