Design using multiple linocuts…Tawny Frogmouth Expressions Linocuts

For the linocut print design ‘ Ev’ry move you make’ – ‘Tawny Expressions’ I have used multiple blocks printed individually to create a large work.

As I am limited in the size I work in by the small bookpress, I need to find alternative ways of creating large works.

One of these is to use a series of smaller images or images that will easily be printed on the small press and combine them in the framing into a larger piece.

They are smaller blocks and I am back to using the grey silkcut lino which is nice.

These are the final carved linoleum blocks for the “Tawny Expressions”linocut print. They are smaller blocks but a lot of smaller complex carving with the No 1 blade so fiddly and time-consuming. Carving larger expanses of open “white” space is far quicker and a bit more dramatic really.

So here they all are!

If you look at the edges around the carved designs you will see I haven’t as yet trimmed the blocks back. A good tip for carving is to leave a small edge that can be cut back with a knife when you have finished carving. As linoleum is a softer material it is easy to chip off an edge or even wear a corner off whilst carving. So if what you are looking for in a design is a nice even neat edge (well as best you can get given the pliable nature of the lino) then it is a good idea to leave a little around the edge of the design to cut back just before printing.

The image below is the templates for the carving…with yellow eyes…it will give you some indication of what the images look like all together.

Copyright – Lynette Weir

One thought on “Design using multiple linocuts…Tawny Frogmouth Expressions Linocuts

  1. I’ve been using the blue/green vinyl that I get from graphic chemical in the united states. I also l like the mushroom handle lino carving tools that came from Daniel Smith out of seattle. Well worth the price when you take the trouble to learn to sharpen.

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