Linocut carving and re-carving – Banksia coccinea

Sometimes when I print a design I decide to change something about it or add something to the design after I have done the initial proof prints. This is the case with the recent Banksia coccinea design. You can see the linocut block on top of the proof print which I have handcoloured – painted with watercolours.

This initial rough proof print seemed ok but when I printed a couple of extras that I thought I might need as watercolour proofs I found that the carving of some of the stamen within the banksias was simply not deep enough and they quickly filled with ink leaving progressively thinner lines.

This closeup shows where I have come back to the linocut block and re-carved sections making the lines a bit deeper and less prone to filling with ink. If you look closely you will see some carved sections have the ink stain and others look ‘cleaner’ – these are the re-carved stamens.

I’ll see if this time when I print it I am happy with the results!

Copyright – Lynette Weir

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